Vegetable Illustration
A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Year-Round Harvests

The Winter Market Gardener

Jean-Martin Fortier and Catherine Sylvestre
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Growing vegetables in winter
in a northern climate is possible!

Many small farms shut down during the dark winter months. Yet with the right techniques, equipment, and cultivars, year-round growing can produce the highest quality and tastiest fresh local vegetables, all while banking a profit.

Building on years of research, experimentation, and collaboration, The Winter Market Gardener is a beautifully illustrated practical guide to winter vegetable production for small farmers growing in northern climates.

Coverage includes:

  • Unique aspects of year-round vegetable production, including superior flavor and the promotion of seasonality in eating
  • Dozens of detailed vegetable profiles featuring recommended cultivars and crop-specific tips and techniques for bountiful winter harvests
  • Details for calculating optimal seeding dates, crop spacing, care, pest management, weed control, and harvesting
  • Selecting shelters for your crops and climate, including row covers, low tunnels, caterpillar tunnels, and high tunnels
  • The costs and benefits of heated versus unheated greenhouses
  • Tool selection and use for efficiency
  • Winter storage crops and successful autumn growing
  • Crop planning details for winter-season production.


Whether you are an experienced farmer or market grower, enthusiastic amateur, or committed consumer, The Winter Market Gardener will excite, inspire, and empower you to embrace the seasons and work with nature to produce and enjoy superior-quality local vegetables all year.

Meet the Author

Jean-Martin Fortier


A recognized expert in small-scale organic vegetable production, Jean-Martin has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to imagine ecological, profitable and human-scale food systems.
By following his framework, people have been introduced to innovative principles of organic micro-farm design, including permanent bed systems, biointensive growing principles, as well as soil conservation techniques. Using these methods, he and his wife have generated annual revenues of over $100,000 per hectare on their farm for the past 20+ years.

Catherine Sylvestre


Catherine Sylvestre is a professional agronomist and director of vegetable production and leader of the market garden team at la Ferme des Quatre-Temps. She develops, implements, and teaches best practices for cold season growing, specializing in crop protection and greenhouse production for northern climates. She lives in Quebec, Canada.

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