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The Market Gardener
The Market Gardener Podcast with JM Fortier
The Market Gardener Podcast with JM Fortier


JM Fortier
The Market Gardener Podcast with JM Fortier

The Market Gardener Podcast



The Market Gardener Podcast with JM Fortier

The podcast for those who love to grow

Join hosts JM Fortier and Chris Moran as they engage with influential members of the global small-scale farming and regenerative agriculture community.

Our podcast is your gateway to insightful conversations about organic farming, food, small businesses, and thought leadership in the world of sustainable agriculture.

Tune in for high-level discussions that inspire and empower a new era of positive farming.

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“Our podcast exists to serve as a vital resource and source of inspiration for generations of market gardeners and engaged consumers alike.”

— JM Fortier, Podcast co-host

Since launching his bestseller book “The Market Gardener, A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming” in 2012, JM Fortier has been internationally recognized as a foremost expert in the field of biointensive farming and has spoken at hundreds of conferences, keynote addresses, and training sessions, becoming an inspiration for farmers worldwide.

“We want to inspire our listeners to take action, embrace sustainability, and become active participants in the movement towards a more regenerative and resilient food system”

Chris Moran, Podcast co-host

Chris’s agricultural journey began in 2015 as a Cherry Valley Cooperative farm co-founder in New Jersey, specializing in shiitake mushroom cultivation and event coordination. His experiences deepened his knowledge in small-scale farming, leading him to Quebec’s Market Gardener Institute as a content creator and co-host of The Market Gardener Podcast, where he shares insights on sustainable living.

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