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5 Flower Crops To Add To Your Market Garden

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Incorporating flower crops into your market garden not only elevates its aesthetics but also boosts its biodiversity. It also provides an additional source of income through the sale of bouquets. Flowers infuse the garden with vibrancy, color, and diversity, playing a pivotal role in drawing pollinators and enhancing garden health.

Here are five flower crops to enrich your garden and create beautiful bouquets.


Cosmos are an excellent addition to any market garden. Easy to grow, these annuals are renowned for their ultra-productivity and long flowering period. Available in a wide range of colors, they add an airy, frivolous touch to bouquets. They also offer a visually light and enchanting appearance.


Zinnias are a popular choice, renowned for their ease of cultivation, ultra productivity and long flowering time. These annuals come in a wide variety of bright colors, adding substantial volume and an explosion of color to any bouquet. Their hardiness and diversity make them an essential choice for any garden.

Zinnia - flower crops

Long-stemmed tagetes

Tagetes, or marigolds, are particularly appreciated for their hardiness and productivity. This type of long-stemmed variety offers a range of warm colors that can enhance any bouquet. In addition to their beauty, they have a pleasant fragrance and their petals are edible, making them doubly useful. Their pest resistance makes them all the more attractive to gardeners.


Sunflowers are synonymous with joy and vivacity. Easy to grow and ultra-productive, they can be planted several times during the season to extend the harvest window. Available in a variety of unusual colors, sunflowers can ripen in just 60 days. This makes them the fastest growing of all selected flowers. Their imposing, cheerful presence makes them a favorite for bouquets.


Although a perennial, peonies deserve their place in this ranking for their high productivity and the variety of colors available. The initial purchase of roots represents an investment, but they fill a production gap early in the season, offering luxurious bouquets from early June.

flower crops: peonie

By integrating these flower crops into your market garden, you can not only beautify your space, but also attract a wider variety of pollinators and improve the health of your garden. What’s more, the sale of bouquets can provide an interesting additional source of income.

If you’d like to deepen your understanding of different flower categories and perfect your cut flower growing techniques, our online course The Flower Farm is an invaluable asset. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned grower, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully grow a wide variety of flowers, ensuring abundant harvests and a garden vibrant with color all year round.

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