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At the Market Gardener Institute, we believe that anyone can start a successful small ecological farm and make a decent living doing it. And we will show you how.

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Join our vibrant community of thousands of growers from all over the world sharing knowledge, support, and inspiration.

On our exclusive community platform, serious growers like yourself come together to meet and support one another, get answers and advice, learn from the experts, participate in growth challenges, access exclusive offers from our partners, and more.

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Passion and Beliefs

“What we need is food grown with care, by and for people who care.”

Founded by Jean-Martin Fortier the Market Gardener Institute’s mission is to multiply the number of small regenerative farms around the world and to advance the ecological agricultural movement. The ultimate goal is to create a future where humans live in harmony with nature and each other.

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Reliable tools, techniques, and advice to help you take the next step in your agrarian adventures.

Whether you’re just beginning your farming journey or are already an experienced grower, we have myriad resources to help you succeed.


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