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Thank you for your interest in the Market Gardener Institute!

Thank you for your interest in the Market Gardener Institute! Please use the drop down menu to direct your request.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, Jean-Martin Fortier is unable to respond personally. Our team reads all emails and works to respond within 48 to 72 business hours.

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Thanks for your interest in the Market Gardener Institute. Jean-Martin Fortier is always happy to share his vision and discuss issues impacting local and organic agriculture as his full farming schedule permits.

Please complete the following form and we will respond in approximately 48 hours between Monday and Thursday.

Are you a tool manufacturer or distributor? Do you produce agricultural products or services that support growers in becoming more efficient? Would you like to partner with The Market Gardener Institute and support our incredible global community of students by offering them a discount in exchange for promotion of your brand? We’d love to work with you.

If you have a product that could revolutionize the work of farmers and gardeners and you would like Jean-Martin Fortier and his team to test it out, we are all ears!

As Jean-Martin has recently launched Growers & Co., a farm tool and apparel company, we wish you all the best but won’t be taking inquiries from similar brands.

Otherwise, please complete the form below to submit your request. Please note that we answer partnership requests from Monday to Thursday and responses will be provided within five business days.

Would your institution or organization like to collaborate with the Market Gardener Institute?

If you represent a school, program, or organization with an interest in supporting the growth of human-scale, regenerative farming practices, please use the following form to submit your inquiry. We’d love to connect and support one another together!

Please note that we respond to partnership requests Monday through Thursday and responses will be provided within five business days.

Due to the current pandemic, the Market Gardener Institute has suspended all travel and participation at in-person events, including trade shows, conferences and workshops, until further notice.

If you’re hosting a virtual event, please complete the following form with your request.

Each request is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and we cannot guarantee the presence of Jean-Martin or a team member. Please note that we respond to event requests from Monday to Thursday and we require a minimum of five business days to respond.

Internship offers are generally open once a year at the Ferme des Quatre-Temps Hemmingford, Les Jardins de la Grelinette, and the Ferme des Quatre-Temps Port-au-Persil. Interns must be fluent in French and that the information regarding open positions are only available in French.

For more information on open positions, including key dates and how to apply, please refer to the following pages (French only):

Ferme des Quatre-Temps in Hemmingford

Ferme des Quatre-Temps in Port-au-Persil

Ferme Les Jardins de la Grelinette

You can also join the WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms exchange program (WWOOF™), which allows people to experience organic farming and gardening by helping out where needed. For more information, please visit: https://wwoof.net/

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about all of our courses. For more detailed information about a specific course, please review its individual FAQ.

What courses do you offer?
Based on more than 20 years of experience in the field, we offer a wide range of courses to meet growers where they are in their learning journey. We offer courses for beginner farmers, established producers who wish to increase their production efficiency and crop yields, dreamers who aspire to one day launch their own farm, and curious minds that want to learn more about sustainable agriculture. View our courses offered here.

Where does the program take place?
Everything is online – no travel is required. You can go through the training at your own pace.

When are the registration periods?
Each course is different. Please check here for availability.

What will I learn?
Each of our courses is designed to teach you the best proven practices to run a small-scale biointensive organic farm with confidence. All courses have different objectives and we invite you to check our courses here to learn more.

Will the methods work in my climate?
Every situation is different, including climate, terrain, soil, markets, and more. While our methods are designed for vegetable production in temperate climates, from Mongolia to Argentina, we have students successfully applying our methods all over the world. Being a great farmer, knowing your crops thoroughly, and optimizing your production to be more efficient applies everywhere on the planet.

I really want to take one of your courses but I don’t have the money at the moment, do you offer rebates, grants, etc.?
We recognize that not everyone may have the funds to register for the program, and we want to help reduce any barriers that you may face. We have an annual scholarship program that supports students who wish to join our Masterclass. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

We also have resources outlining ways to subsidize the costs of the training. For those in Canada, see here, and for those in the United States, see here. While the information is specific to North America, we are exploring other international options – if you hear of one, let us know.

In addition, some of our students have received registration support from initiatives dedicated to supporting local agriculture. Others have crowdsourced funds by using a participatory fundraising platform, such as GoFundMe. If you are working on a grant application and require certain documentation for the purchase of the Masterclass, please send us a request.

Which devices can I use to access the program?
After registering for the program, you will be prompted to create a user profile for accessing the training platform. You will then be able to take the course on any device connected to the Internet. Please note that you can only access our courses from one device at a time, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

In which languages do you offer the program?
The Masterclass is offered in English and French. All documents and text are offered in the language of your initial purchase. French speakers, please note that most of our videos are in English with French subtitles.

How much time will I need for the program?
Our program is completely self-directed, which means you can go at your own pace. Some people go through all the material immediately, while others come back and review specific videos throughout the season based on what’s happening on their farm.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We are currently unable to accept checks or invoices.

Can I share my access with a friend or a partner?
Our courses are a single membership program. If you wish to follow the program with a partner, please enroll separately.

Are you a student (Masterclass certification, self-directed course, etc.) experiencing issues with your account? Please use the following form.

Please note that we answer customer service questions Monday through Thursday and it takes a minimum of two business days for a response.

The teachings of the Market Gardener Institute have changed the lives of thousands of growers. We are always excited to hear about your farm’s success and how the course has positively impacted your life. Please share your story!

The Market Gardener Institute has assembled a creative, multi-talented team dedicated to building tools and resources to multiply small-scale farms around the world.

We are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our diverse and inclusive team, based in Montreal, Quebec. If you’re interested in joining us to make a difference, please complete this form. Although we are accepting applications, please also take a look at our career page for current job openings. Only selected candidates for an interview will be contacted.

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