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End-of-Season Preparations and Beyond


As the seasons change and the temperatures drop, farmers around the world prepare for the challenges and opportunities that winter brings. In this article, we explore the preparations involved in gearing up for the colder months and beyond.

Protecting the Soil for the End-of-Season

One of the foremost concerns for market gardeners as winter approaches is safeguarding the soil. It’s crucial to ensure that the soil remains healthy and fertile for the upcoming growing season. To achieve this, we employ various methods, such as covering field blocks with crop residues, annual woodchips, mulch, and tarps. These protective measures prevent soil erosion and mimic the natural insulation provided by leaves in a forest, helping maintain soil quality.

Organizing Tools and Equipment

Efficient organization of tools and equipment is paramount to a smooth and productive farming operation. After your first season, it’s important to analyze your workspaces and optimize them to create well-organized spaces that facilitate easy access to essential tools. Implementing a tool wall with dedicated racks for each tool enhances efficiency and saves valuable time during the busy farming season.

Storage and Maintenance

Proper storage and maintenance are essential during the winter months. We pay special attention to cleaning and ventilating storage bins to store root crops effectively throughout the winter. Prioritizing the use of Rubbermaid totes to safeguard row covers and insect nets, helps protect our equipment from damage caused by pests and wear and tear. Preserving and maintaining tools and equipment is equally crucial for their longevity. With the BCS pressure washer attachment, cleaning and washing everything becomes a breeze, saving us time and effort.

Want to see the BCS pressure washer in action?  Check out this video featuring JM Fortier using it.

The journey through winter farming preparations unveils the dedication and meticulous planning required for success in market gardening. From soil protection to tool organization to crop storage, each aspect plays a pivotal role in maintaining a thriving farm throughout the colder months. If you’re eager to delve deeper into the world of winter farming, we highly recommend reading The Winter Market Gardener. This invaluable resource, the result of seven years of research and collaboration between Jean-Martin Fortier and Catherine Sylvestre, is essential reading for anyone seeking to extend their growing season and explore the intricacies of winter farming techniques. 

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