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Farming course

8 Most Profitable Crops

Maximize your production with 8 fast-growing vegetables

Farming course

8 Most Profitable Crops

Maximize your production with the 8 fast-growing vegetables

Produce successfully 8 efficient vegetables for continuous harvest

Ever wonder what field crops can bring you the most bucks for your bang?

Many elements come into play when operating a financially sustainable market garden business, and having an abundant and consistent supply of high-quality vegetables is essential.

In this course, you will learn the precise techniques that JM Fortier uses to produce 8 fast-growing field crops that offer higher yields.

Explore the benefits of fast-growing vegetables

Grow consistent

Learn tested and proven techniques to effectively grow amazing field crops


Get higher yields and more uniform quality of top-selling vegetables

Increase your

Maximize revenue per bed with succession planting crops

Feed your

Grow a loyal customer base through steady and consistent supply

Who is this course for?

Fast Growing Vegetables_farming courses

Committed gardeners who need guidance in their succession crop planning.

Market gardeners who want to take their crop to the next level and improve the consistency of their harvest.

Established growers who wish to increase the profitability of their beds.

How does it work?

Course features_Profitable Crops_EN

This online course provides precise written and video instruction, to give you the exact methodology, tools and techniques needed to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency.



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You have the opportunity to preview a free lesson from the course to see if it meets your needs. In this overview, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to grow perfect beets.

Meet your teacher

Jean-Martin Fortier


Since launching his bestseller book “The Market Gardener, A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming” in 2012, JM Fortier has been internationally recognized as a foremost expert in the field of biointensive farming and has spoken at hundreds of conferences, keynote addresses, and training sessions, becoming an inspiration for farmers worldwide.

His current mission is to pass on this knowledge to thousands of farmers through his work at the Market Gardener Institute.

It could be you!

When you do the work and stay committed, the results you can create are extraordinary. Just imagine the growth you’ll experience with the right training, guidance, and support.

Don’t just take our word for it, see how our course changed the farming journey of hundreds of growers.

Amy Smith _ Verena Varga

“We have learned about tools and techniques that have made farming more efficient and more sustainable environmentally, financially and physically too!”

— Amy Smith & Verena Varga, Heart Beet Organics, Canada

Yara Dowani

“You can find so much information on the internet; there are so many resources it’s hard to know what to trust. I like having an all-in-one place for referencing detailed strategies that have been tested and tried for others to review and put into practice – it really helps!”

— Yara Dowani, Om Sleiman Farm, Palestine”

Alexandre L_Heureux - The Happy Farm

“Everything I learned about growing vegetables comes 100% from JM Fortier. Everything grows to perfection, and our clients are extremely happy.”

— Alexandre L’Heureux, The Happy Farm, Canada

How much does it cost ?

Our 8 Most Profitable Crops course provides precise written and video instruction, to give you the exact methodology, tools and techniques needed to grow field crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency.

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What is inside?

tech sheets


In this short video, you’ll get a quick overview of the key learnings you’ll get in this course and get insights from JM Fortier’s 20+ years of experience as a successful market gardener.

Succession Crop Planning

Learning how to plan succession plantings is a core ability if you want to maximize revenue because it allows continuous harvesting. The crops in this course are ideal for succession planting. With this technique, you’ll never run out of those crops during the seasons

Module content


Fresh Carrots

Nothing beats the flavor and texture of fresh garden carrots and clients never get tired of them. In this lesson, you will learn the cultivars, itineraries and harvesting techniques we use to efficiently deliver delicious and crunchy carrots, week after week.

Module content



Beets are one of those vegetables known to all and many people love them. It’s a sure value crop that sells very well. In this lesson, you will learn the best technique to grow surprising varieties that will add diversity to your display.

Module content


Salad Turnips

Salad turnip is a fabulous vegetable that we grow from early spring until late in the season. It is a very crunchy, juicy, and sweet root. Customers who discover it, adopt it and they can fetch a good price.

Module content



Radishes are a relatively easy crop that we particularly like for the speed of its growth. It’s also a nice colorful addition to our early spring offer when our customers are craving crisp freshness!

Module content


Mesclun Mix

Producing quality mesclun, or ready-to-eat baby lettuce mix, is a sure way to stand out at farmer’s markets, gain restaurant clients or delight CSA members. In this lesson, you’ll learn the best practices to produce salanova lettuce and how to direct sow baby greens that will add a nice touch to the mix.

Module content



Spinach is the perfect crop to extend the season because it can withstand heavy frosts. If well protected from the wind, spinach can withstand the cold and is a very profitable crop to grow in winter. During the summer, the plant bolts quickly, this is why we prefer to grow them during shoulder months when they are delicious and they can fetch a premium price.

Module content



Arugula has its fans and we always manage to have enthusiastic customers for these slightly bitter, tender and spicy leaves. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to grow arugula with efficiency to market it as a ready-to-eat baby green.

Module content


Little Gem Lettuce

Little Gem Lettuce is a crisp and delicious mini romaine lettuce, excellent in Caesar salads or even grilled on the barbecue. This is why it is so popular at the market and with chefs. It grows fast and 800 heads can fit on a 100-ft bed! The course assures you a constant supply of this lucrative crop.

Module content

“A farm doesn't need to be big to be very profitable.”

— JM Fortier

Follow JM’s complete tried and true methodology for growing high-quality crops in a context of heightened efficiency.

$299 USD
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$199 USD

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$299 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about the course

Our 8 Most Profitable Field Crops course focuses on fast-growing field crops that yield a lot! Starting a farm is a lot of work. The path to success is to first focus on mastering all the techniques to produce high revenue crops and improve your bottom line fast. This course will guide you through all the steps to master these 8 key crops and have customers coming back week after week to buy your products. This course can fit into anyone’s schedule no matter how busy, since all of the content can be consumed at your own pace.

This course allows you to master the methodology, tools, and techniques to successfully grow 8 crops in a context of heightened efficiency in the regenerative micro-farming model. Each module includes a video tutorial and a downloadable fact sheet. Each video tutorial and fact sheet will give you in-depth step-by-step, yet straightforward instructions covering every stage of production, from seed to storage.

  • Each technical sheet will give you :
  • Crop info and the best cultivars to grow
  • Crop planning guidelines
  • Starting seeds
  • Spacing requirements
  • Fertilization recommendation
  • Irrigation type and management
  • Implantation equipment and detailed itinerary
  • Weeding and maintenance instructions
  • Plant protection best practices
  • Best harvesting techniques
  • Conditioning and storage instructions


Our course is a technical program focused on agricultural production. It does not cover the commercial or legal aspects of farming or marketing. Also, this course focuses on the techniques to successfully grow our 8 profitable field crops. This does not cover working with living soil, greenhouse production, whole season crop planning, irrigation, in-depth tools instructions, cover crops, in-depth pest management, season extension, in-depth washing and conditioning techniques and tools. Note that all content from this course is available in the Market Gardener Masterclass. With the purchase of the course 8 Most Profitable Field Crops, you get a 10% discount on the Market Gardener Masterclass

Everything is online — no travel is required. You can go through the training at your own pace. Of course, the real test is in how you apply this education to your own farm or market garden.


The course requires approximately 3,5 hours to complete if done linearly. The real-time investment will be in implementing your learning in your farm project.

All our on-demand courses are accessible anytime.

After registering for the program, you will be prompted to create a user profile for accessing the training platform. You will then be able to take the course on any device connected to the Internet. Please note that you can only access our courses from one device at a time, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You need to have a broadband internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps.

Our on-demand courses are offered in English and French. All documents and text are offered in the language of your initial purchase. French speakers, please note that our videos are in English with French subtitles.

No. Our courses are designed to help people with real-life farming and gardening experience take their operations to the next professional level. Some of our students are just starting out, while others have a few growing seasons under their belts; some have been farming for decades — most have said that using our program has made a big difference in their business’ success.

Other questions?

Every situation is different, including climate, terrain, soil, markets, and more. While our methods are designed for vegetable production in temperate climates, from Mongolia to Argentina, we have students successfully applying our methods all over the world. Being a great farmer, knowing your crops thoroughly, and optimizing your production to be more efficient applies everywhere on the planet.


We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you.

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