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The Market Gardener

The most comprehensive course on small-scale organic farming

Market Gardener Masterclass - Jean-Martin Fortier
“Today’s small-scale, organic vegetable producers face a vacuum when it comes to acquiring training in the cutting edge techniques that are emerging in the field.”

The Market Gardener Masterclass

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Course features

The Market Gardener Masterclass is an online course that provides precise written and video instruction, to give you the exact methodology, tools and techniques needed to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency. The goal is to take your market gardening to the next level.







Since launching “The Market Gardener, A Successful Grower’s Handbook for Small-Scale Organic Farming” in 2012, JM Fortier has been internationally recognized as a foremost expert in the field of bio-intensive farming and has spoken at hundreds of conferences, keynote addresses, and training sessions, becoming an inspiration for farmers worldwide.
There are a million different people giving all kinds of different farming advice out there, and it can get pretty confusing. By following JM’s complete tried and true methodology for growing high-quality crops in a context of heightened efficiency, you can rest assured that what you are doing actually all works together.
Jean-Martin reveals all his tips, tools, and tricks that can translate into saving countless hours, on the field and off, while growing top quality vegetables. There are no shortcuts, just hard-earned expertise and attention to detail that can make a big difference. It will save you time, energy and effort.
The long-form video lessons allow Jean-Martin to teach all the steps of production for each crop, from seeding to transplanting and cultivating, harvesting, and conditioning. Put simply, this is the most comprehensive, in-depth education about organic vegetables farming available.

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Course content

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Crop Planning

Field Crops_module crop planning
Crop planning is the number-one factor in achieving success for your farm. The five-step process helps to optimize space and time, increase productivity, reduce mental anguish and complexity, and maximize returns from every acre. You will be introduced to two powerful crop planning systems, including JM’s newly developed custom crop planning and task management tool, which you will receive as part of the program.
Module content

The Tool Shed

It is crucial to choose your farm tools and equipment wisely — this will directly influence not only your ability to work the soil properly, but also your overall efficiency and results. Jean-Martin opens up his tool shed and shares which tools he uses, how to use each one, and how to streamline and get better results.
Module content

Living Soils

By replacing mechanical tillage with no-till strategies, and by using natural amendments such as fungi to support plant health and build soil fertility, you will develop a great foundation for growing food that is healthy, nutritious, and respectful of soil biology. In this module, you will learn strategies to minimize soil disturbances and enhance soil life, supporting optimal crop yields and nutritional value.
Module content

Cover Crops

Cover crops — also known as “green manure” — are an essential part of creating healthy soil for your market garden. They can play different roles and are used in different contexts, but for the most part, they protect the ground from soil erosion, improve soil structure, and feed the soil web.
Module content

Nursery and Plant Propagation

A good start in the nursery allows your seedlings to reach their maximum quality in the field. Maintaining good management of the nursery helps reduce losses and produce the right number of transplants, thus ensuring profitability. In this module, Jean-Martin shares tips, techniques, and strategies to successfully organize and manage your nursery for maximum results.

Module content

Insect, Pest, and Disease Management

Insects, pests, and diseases represent a challenge to organic farmers. Sometimes, despite all screening and prevention efforts, the only way to save crops is to use biopesticides. In this section, Jean-Martin walks you through using biopesticides effectively and safely.
Module content


Irrigation supplies your crops with the necessary water and nutrients that they need to succeed. Discover the irrigation techniques used at the Jardins de la Grelinette and the Ferme des Quatre-Temps and learn how to reproduce the same irrigation system in your market garden.
Module content

Harvest and Conditioning

In this module, Jean-Martin teaches you how to design the most efficient working station for the washing and packing of your produce, so they can be at their freshest when they reach your customers. You also get a reference chart that explains how to wash and store different types of vegetables as well as instructions on building a bubbler.
Module content

Season Extension and Tunnel Management

In some parts of the world, the growing season is relatively short, forcing farmers to become resourceful in order to beat the cold and generate revenue for as long as possible. Learn the techniques Jean-Martin uses for extending the growing season into the colder months, including the use of low tunnels, floating row covers, hoop houses, and more.
Module content

Winter Growing

In northern climates, winter growing is a good way to increase your farm’s income during the low season. This module covers the art of winter growing and introduces you to the main principles and practices that make it profitable. Also, the technical sheet of five cold-hardy crops has been adapted to winter growing techniques.
Module content

Greenhouse Production

Greenhouse production is growing in popularity, and is especially critical in colder climates. In this module, you’ll learn techniques specific to greenhouse production, including monitoring fertilization using electric conductivity, grafting, and growing guides for tomatoes and cucumbers.
Module content

35+ Vegetables

At the heart of our program are in-depth, detailed modules covering step-by-step instructions on more than 35 crops, with tips taking you from seed to sale. Each crop module will provide a 15 to 45 minute instructional video accompanied by a technical sheet that teaches you how to repeat the exact same steps in your own market garden.

Field Crops_module aragula
Baby Greens
Field Crops_module beets
Bell Peppers (Field)
Bush Beans
Field Crops_module carrots
Carrots (Fresh & Storage)
Celery (Cut-and-Come-Again)
Dill & Coriander
Cucumbers (Greenhouse)
Eggplants (Field)
Fennel (Mini)
Ginger (Baby)
Green Onions
Hot Peppers
Field Crops_module Little Gem Lettuce
Little Gem Mini Lettuce
Field Crops_module mesclun
Mesclun Mix
pole beans
Pole Beans
Field Crops_module radishes
Field Crops_module turnips
Salad Turnips
Field Crops_module Spinach
Sweet Peas
Swiss Chard
Swiss Chard
Tomatoes (Field)
tomatoes (greenhouse)
Tomatoes (Greenhouse)
Winter Squash

Meet the teacher

JM Fortier

Farmer, educator and award-winning author

A recognized authority on small-scale organic vegetable production, JM has inspired hundreds of thousands to embrace a vision of agriculture that is human-scale, ecological, and profitable.

People following his work have been introduced to innovative micro-scale farm design principles, permanent beds systems, and renewed biointensive principles. Strategies like occultation, power harrows, and other soil preservation techniques have allowed him and his wife to earn more than $100,000 per acre per year in a small organic vegetable production over the past 15 years.

After witnessing the impact of his book and giving hundreds of live talks, workshops, and conferences around the world, JM is excited to empower the next generation of farmers and is committed to the success of his students.

Exclusive discounts on tools and supplies!

We have partnered with select tool, farm supply and service providers to offer our students exclusive
discounts and perks including 3% to 15% off essential tools and supplies for market gardeners!

That represents a potential of savings up to $6,000 USD on a new greenhouse, and $4,200 USD on tools!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Market Gardener Masterclass comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 14 days after the date of enrollment.

We understand that our program is a serious investment for a small-scale farmer, and we expect you to do your due diligence before purchasing our program to be certain that it is the right step for you. We cannot guarantee that taking our course is the right decision for you personally or financially.

If you sincerely engage with the course and don’t get the value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how we teach, we’ll happily refund the money you’ve paid us, given that you tell us exactly why it didn’t work for you within the 14 day period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Market Gardener Masterclass?

The Masterclass is an online educational program offered by the Market Gardener Institute that was designed for people who want to make a living from small-scale farming. The program is not suitable for home gardeners who wish to learn more about setting up a domestic garden. The Masterclass combines in-depth video tutorials, details on day-to-day operations, a vibrant digital community, and a comprehensive digital library outlining methods, techniques and tools. This program allows you to master the methodology, tools, and techniques to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency in the regenerative microfarming model.

The Masterclass provides a thorough roadmap to success. Years of trial and error can really wreak havoc on a farm — many farmers struggle and some give up. Our program is no substitute for hard work and hands-on experience, but it can significantly shorten the learning curve when starting a new farm or taking your farm to a new level of productivity. The Market Gardener’s Masterclass can help to professionalize and standardize the activities of an existing farm, which can lead to greater efficiencies and higher profits.

Based on more than 20+ years of field research and farm development by Jean-Martin Fortier, our program is designed as an all-in-one resource containing proven practices that, when applied, can help farmers work fewer hours, improve the quality of their product, increase profits, and enjoy a better quality of life. The Market Gardener’s Masterclass is an investment for all small farmers who are serious about growth. It is a commitment of time, energy and money. That’s part of the reason it works.

Where does the program take place?

Everything is online — no travel is required. You can go through the training at your own pace. Of course, the real test is in how you apply this education to your own farm or market garden.

When are the registration periods?

Registration is open seasonally four times a year. We have designated intake periods in order to best support new students and do not limit the number of participants per intake period. Subscribe to the Market Gardener Institute newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest news on the next registration period:




Which devices can I use to access the program?

After registering for the program, you will be prompted to create a user profile for accessing the training platform. You will then be able to take the course on any device connected to the Internet. Please note that you can only access our courses from one device at a time, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

In which languages do you offer the program?

The Masterclass is offered in English and French. All documents and text are offered in the language of your initial purchase. French speakers, please note that most of our videos are in English with French subtitles.

What will I learn?

The Market Gardener Masterclass allows you to master the methodology, tools, and techniques to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency in the regenerative microfarming model. Each module includes video tutorials, downloadable fact sheets, resources, and access to a digital community. Topics covered include:

  • Crop Planning and Management
  • Tools for Market Gardening
  • Bed Preparation
  • Irrigation
  • Greenhouse Production
  • Working With Living Soil
  • Nursery and Plant Propagation
  • Season Extension
  • Harvesting and Conditioning

The core of the program consists of detailed and in-depth modules covering every stage of production, from seed to sale, for about 30 different crops, including:

ArugulaBaby Greens
Bell Peppers (Field)Bush Beans
CauliflowerCarrots (Fresh & Storage)
Cucumbers (Greenhouse)Eggplants (Field)
Fennel (Mini)Frisée
GarlicGreen Onions
LettuceLittle Gem Mini Lettuce
MelonsMesclun Mix
Pole BeansRadishes
Salad TurnipsSpinach
Sweet PeasSwiss Chard
Tomatoes (Field & Greenhouse)Winter Squash

What is not covered?

The Market Gardener Masterclass is a technical program focused on agricultural production. It does not cover the commercial or legal aspects of farming or marketing.

How much time will I need for the program?

Our program is completely self-directed, which means you can go at your own pace. Some people go through all the material immediately, while others come back and review specific videos throughout the season based on what’s happening on their farm.

Does it replace practical experience?

No. Our program is designed to help people with real-life farming and gardening experience take their operations to the next professional level. Some of our students are just starting out, while others have a few growing seasons under their belts; some have been farming for decades — most have said that using our program has made a big difference in their business’s success.

Who is The Market Gardener Masterclass for?

  • Committed beginner farmers and market gardeners who need guidance and a community to support their new farm project.
  • Established producers who wish to increase their production efficiency and crop yields.
  • Conventional farmers transitioning to smaller or organic operations who wish to learn more about bio-intensive vegetable production.
  • Serious gardeners who want to improve their efficiency and grow on a larger scale.

Who is not suitable for The Market Gardener Masterclass?

  • Total beginners. If you’ve never worked with soil, you may find our program too advanced. We suggest you first take our introductory course The Regenerative Microfarm, read our articles, and consider reading The Market Gardener book.
  • People who are not going to apply what they learn. If you do not intend to use the information, tools, and tips we offer for an existing farm or market garden in the present or near future, we do not think you will obtain the full value from our program. Don’t sign up just to check it out or for research. Our program is for doers.
  • People who are looking to get rich quick. Farming is hard work.
  • People who don’t want to make the effort to learn. Farming is complex.
  • People who are drawn to large-scale, tractor-dependent, mechanized farming systems. The farming model we teach is small-scale, bio-intensive, organic and regenerative. If you’re looking for a conventional model of agriculture, please do not enroll.
  • People who are disrespectful to others. By joining our community, we expect you to bring a good attitude, courtesy, respect, and good will.

I don’t have a farm yet, but I want one! Should I sign up?

Our program is designed as a comprehensive and evolving media library covering a wide range of aspects of successful market gardening. We believe that registering for our program and studying its contents can provide a helpful head start in organizing and planning your farm. If you will be applying the methods we teach in the near future, you should definitely sign up. Access to the course materials does not expire, so when you have access to land, you’ll be able to use the course as a companion and guide. If your farm dream is a little more distant, and you’re at the stage of simply being curious about what it takes to get into small-scale regenerative farming, we suggest you take the introductory course The Regenerative Microfarm first.

Will the methods work in my climate?

Every situation is different, including climate, terrain, soil, markets, and more. While our methods are designed for vegetable production in temperate climates, from Mongolia to Argentina, we have students successfully applying our methods all over the world. Being a great farmer, knowing your crops thoroughly, and optimizing your production to be more efficient applies everywhere on the planet.

Can my partner take the Masterclass with me?

The Market Gardener’s Masterclass is a single membership program. If you wish to follow the program with a partner, please enroll separately.

How much does it cost?

The total tuition for the Market Gardener’s Masterclass is $2250 USD. We also offer a payment plan upon registration for $784 USD per month for three months. The currency is in USD as our existing program platform only allows us to use one currency at this time.

How else can I finance my tuition?

We recognize that not everyone may have the funds to register for the program, and we want to help reduce any barriers that you may face. We have an annual scholarship program that supports students who wish to join our Masterclass. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

We also have resources outlining ways to subsidize the costs of the training. For those in Canada, see here, and for those in the United States, see here. While the information is specific to North America, we are exploring other international options — if you hear of one, please let us know.

In addition, some of our students have received registration support from initiatives dedicated to supporting local agriculture. Others have crowdsourced funds by using a participatory fundraising platform, such as GoFundMe. If you are working on a grant application and require certain documentation for the purchase of the Masterclass, please send us a request.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Registration for the Market Gardener Institute’s Masterclass comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

As our Masterclass program is a significant financial investment for anyone who wishes to start farming, it is essential that you carefully review the pre-purchase materials to ensure that our program is right for you. We know the value that our program can bring to the life of those who follow the teachings offered and we receive vibrant testimonials day after day about its transformative effect. However, each situation is unique and it is your responsibility to take informed action.

To be eligible for our money-back guarantee, we ask that you tell us exactly how and why the Masterclass did not meet your needs within 14 days of your refund request. If you made a genuine commitment to the course and did not get the value you expected, or if you feel that your learning style did not match our form of instruction, we will gladly issue you a complete refund.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. For full payments ($1997 USD/1800€), we also accept PayPal. We are currently unable to accept checks or invoices.

How does the three-month installment plan work?

This payment plan consists of three payments, exactly one month apart, on the same credit card through Stripe, our payment processing system. Please note that each payment must be made on the same card and that PayPal does not offer an installment plan option.

What makes the Market Gardener Masterclass different from other free online resources?

There is more information available to people on every imaginable subject, including farming, than ever before. At the same time, it’s getting harder and harder to evaluate which advice to follow, how to apply it, and who to listen to. People sharing their advice about farming online don’t necessarily have hands-on, tried-and-tested expertise and sorting through the noise can take up a lot of your time. As a farmer, your limiting factor is always time, so our program is designed to teach you proven methods in the most efficient and direct way possible, so that you can quickly achieve the results you’re looking for. It’s not about magic tricks, clickbait or secret formulas. It’s about doing the work, applying a complete methodology that works, and constantly striving to be more efficient by working smarter, not harder. Joining the global community of students participating in the Market Gardener Masterclass will inspire you to reach your full potential as a farmer and business owner. As a student of the Market Gardener Masterclass, you get exclusive access to a peer group, alongside our technical experts trained by Jean-Martin Fortier. Not only do you develop technical knowledge, you have the support of a community.

How do exclusive deals on tools and equipment work?

Here are some examples of the savings offered by our partners to Masterclass students:

  • 16% off the purchase of a BCS tractor from BCS America
  • 10% off Terrateck
  • 10% off Dubois Agrinovation
  • 10% off High Mowing Organic Seeds
  • 10% off Johnny’s Selected Seeds
  • 3% off Earth Tools
  • Special offers from Farmers Friend LLC and Local Line
  • Plus several more deals!

There are specific terms and conditions for each company. All offers are provided graciously and are subject to change without notice. Students are notified of their discount codes 14 days after their date of enrollment.

How do you support participating students in the training?

  • Technical Team: The Institute’s technical team is made up of experienced growers who respond to requests for clarification of program content in the Masterclass private exchange group on our community platform.
  • Community: Our members supports each other and shares advice in the private Masterclass exchange group on our community platform.

Will I be able to speak and get feedback directly from Jean-Martin?

Jean-Martin designed the program, but we cannot guarantee his individual feedback. The Institute’s technical team is made up of experienced growers who have had the opportunity to master the best techniques at Jean-Martin’s farm. They are responsible for answering questions on our community platform.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help you.

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