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Introduction to Market Gardening

An introduction to the foundation of the ecological market garden model.

Curious about small-scale farming? Start here.

This 12-part course was created as a starting point for anyone who wants to start their journey in small-scale organic farming. World-renowned teacher Jean-Martin Fortier guides students through a comprehensive overview of everything needed to become a grower.

Course benefits

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the guiding principles of market gardening
  • Identify the components of the small-scale market garden model
  • Understand what skillsets are required to run a microfarm
  • Acquire the vocabulary and concepts necessary to continue your learning journey

Bonus content

  • «5 Things to Know Before Starting a Small Farm» mini course
  • «Small Farms Feed The World» ebook


Introduction to Market Gardening

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Course features

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What you’ll learn

Lesson 1


Welcome to the fascinating world of small-scale biointensive farming! First things first: in this lesson, we will share the goals and intentions of this course.

Lesson 2

The Biointensive Microfarm

Changing the world requires taking a different approach. In this lesson, you will discover the guiding principles of vegetable microfarming and the advantages of the human-scale farming model.

Lesson 3

Site Selection & Design

Selecting a site for your farm is an important decision that will have a strong impact on your work and quality of life. In this lesson, you will grasp everything you need to consider when choosing and designing your site.

Lesson 4

Crop Planning

Planning and calculating your production effectively is essential in running a successful farm. In this lesson, you will learn techniques to maximize space and time for continuous production.

Lesson 5

Starting Seeds

Starting seeds is a crucial step in the vegetable production process. Farmers need to understand the growth cycle of each crop in order to produce an abundance of high quality vegetables. In this lesson, you will understand the role and functioning of a nursery.

Lesson 6

Soil & Fertility

Minimal tillage is one of the fundamental principles of regenerative farming. Thriving microorganisms in the soil support the fertility necessary to produce an abundance of high quality vegetables, year after year. In this lesson, you will learn techniques that promote the development of life in the soil.

Lesson 7


Weed management is a lot of work and it’s time-consuming. Adopting the right tools and techniques will make this tedious task more manageable. In this lesson, we will discuss the best organic practices for weed control.

Lesson 8

Crop Protection

Once you’ve successfully prepared your beds, grown seedlings, and transplanted, your next challenge will be managing diseases and pests. In this lesson, we will discuss the different lines of defense available to ensure successful, healthy harvests

Lesson 9

Season Extension

With simple shelters, it’s possible to grow vegetables during cooler months and arrive at markets with fresh, local vegetables not yet available anywhere else. In this lesson, you will learn how to grow vegetables earlier in spring and into the winter.

Lesson 10

Harvest & Conditioning

It’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor! The art of market gardening focuses on growing great crops, but you also need to know how to keep your vegetables fresh until they’re in your customers’ hands. In this lesson, you will discover proper harvesting and conditioning techniques.

Lesson 11

Selling Your Produce

Optimizing your sales and distribution channels will help you make a decent living from all of your hard work in the field. In this lesson, we will examine the main outlets for selling directly to consumers.

Lesson 12

Closing Words

Working in human-scale agriculture is not always easy, but it is the most rewarding job in the world. Whether you’re starting your own farm or training on farms that follow this model, it’s important to remember that you are helping to build a better world.

Meet The Teacher

Jean-Martin Fortier

Jean-Martin Fortier

Farmer, educator, and award-winning author

A recognized authority on small-scale organic vegetable production, Jean-Martin has inspired hundreds of thousands to embrace a vision of agriculture that is human-scale, ecological, and profitable.

People following his work have been introduced to innovative micro-scale farm design principles, permanent beds systems, and renewed biointensive principles. Strategies like occultation, power harrows, and other soil preservation techniques have allowed him and his wife to earn more than $100,000 per acre per year in a small organic vegetable production over the past 15 years.

After witnessing the impact of his book and giving hundreds of live talks, workshops, and conferences around the world, Jean-Martin is excited to empower the next generation of farmers and is committed to the success of his students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Introduction to Market Gardening course?

This 12-part introductory course was created as a starting point for anyone who wants to start their journey in small-scale organic farming. World-renowned teacher Jean-Martin Fortier guides students through a comprehensive overview of everything needed to become a grower.

Who is right for the Introduction to Market Gardening Course?

Anyone curious about small-scale organic farming.

If you’ve checked out the Market Gardener Masterclass before and found it too advanced or in-depth for you, this course will be just perfect!

What will I learn?

This course will give you all the guiding principles for establishing an organic, small-scale market garden, including site selection and design, crop planning, extending the season, starting crops, minimal working of the soil, weeding, crop protection, harvesting, packaging, and sales channels.

What’s not covered?

This is an introductory class. You will learn all the guiding principles and vocabulary to continue your education. For a deep dive into growing high-quality vegetables on a small-scale farm and a comprehensive overview of tools, techniques, and best practices, enroll in The Market Gardener Masterclass.

Where does the program take place?

Everything is online — no travel is required. You get lifetime access to all the material in this course, so you can go through all of it right away in a few sittings, or you can work at a slower pace.

Which devices can I use to access the program?

After registering for the program, you will be prompted to create a user profile to access the training platform. You will then be able to view the course on any device connected to the Internet. Please note that you can only access our courses from one device at a time, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

How much time do I need to commit?

The course requires approximately 12 hours to complete.

How much does it cost?

199$ USD

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We are currently unable to accept checks or invoices.