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Jean-Martin Fortier reflects on the future of agriculture (Video)

At Jardins de la Grelinette, everyone is busy harvesting the fruits of a busy season. Jean-Martin Fortier talks about his recent trip to Europe during which he visited several agricultural projects. Time to reflect on the future of agriculture!

This is also an opportunity for Jean-Martin to recall fond memories of his career as an author and the place France holds in his adventures. He brings us along with him on a journey down memory lane as he looks back on the French release of his book, The Market Gardener, as well as his first conference in Paris in the presence of his father, and his relationship with his mentor Eliot Coleman. 

This trip to Europe was also an opportunity for Jean-Martin to reconnect with two of his projects in France at Une ferme du Perche and Château de Chambord respectively. He also made a quick stop in Germany to visit two farms operating according to his principles. This inspired Jean-Martin to reflect on the future of agriculture. 

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