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What Is the Jang Seeder and Why Is it Useful for Market Gardens and Small Farms?

Of all the tools that increase efficiency for work in the fields, a precision push seeder is useful like no other. And of all the precision push seeders available to market gardeners, the Jang seeder is the best one. Most growers will tell you the same thing: it’s one of the best investments you can make. 

Let’s describe what the Jang seeder is all about and how it can positively impact your seeding schedule.

What is a Jang Seeder?

The Jang seeder is a precision push seeder that you can use to accelerate your seeding process. It can be adapted with interchangeable gears so that you can adjust the in-row density of your seeding. From an ergonomic standpoint, the handles can be adjusted so that it adequately suits the operator.

Why Use a Precision Push Seeder Like the Jang Seeder?

A Jang seeder saves both time and energy. /Credit: Alex Chabot
A Jang seeder saves both time and energy. / Credit: Alex Chabot

As time management means a lot in farming, the Jang seeder instantly becomes a crucial part of your operation since it leads to immediate savings in both time and energy.  

The Jang seeder accelerates the overall pace of your seeding operation for a few reasons. First, since all of your seeding can be done with this tool, it adds simplicity to your work schedule – you only need to bring one seeder to your fields on seeding day.

Secondly, it allows you to seed each bed quickly because it’s not as sensitive as other seeders are to soil conditions. It can deal with some rocks and crop residues without stopping. The Jang seeder presents far fewer difficulties than another regular six-row seeder. 

Compared to some seeders that will halt at the first branch and require you to rework the soil before starting again, the Jang seeder never stops! The soil can be very rough and it will still be able to plant seeds. It also has large ‘hoppers’ (this is what carries your seeds) which means that once you are using it properly, you can put in more seeds and seed many beds in a row without stopping to add more. 

You can put in more seeds and seed many beds in a row without stopping to add more. /Credit: Alex Chabot
You can put in more seeds and seed many beds in a row without stopping to add more. / Credit: Alex Chabot

Ultimately, it is a very simple tool to learn how to use, which means the learning curve is very fast for anyone using it on the farm. Once you have properly adjusted the tool settings and have made an accurate direct seeding chart (we talk more about this in the Market Gardener Masterclass and provide our very own!), a beginner employee should be able to seed efficiently. You might want also to check this blog post with tips and tricks to make the most of your Jang Seeder.

Which Jang Seeder Model to Choose? 

Many models are available on the market, from one to six rows. The model chosen should fit the size of your farm and the amount of beds that are seeded each week. The advantage of having more rows is that you have to do less round trips on the bed, so it’s faster. For example, at Ferme des Quatre-Temps, we use the Jang-5 rows, since we can seed up to 10 beds per week. As soon as we started using the Jang seeder, we immediately saw its impact and have transitioned into seeding all of our crops with it.

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