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Farmers Struggle too and It’s Time to Talk About This Hidden Side of Farming (video)

Farming is a beautiful way of life but it’s certainly not always easy. Even the most accomplished farmer can struggle with mental health issues. While unfortunately there is still a lot of stigma around mental health issues that influences false perceptions of peoples’ experiences, it doesn’t have to be this way. Addressing these mental health issues with trusted allies and professionals can really help to improve understanding, support, and overall quality of life.

When you think about a physical illness, like having a broken arm, for example, the path to healing is pretty straight forward: an X-Ray is done, a cast is put on, and time is required to heal, along with supportive readaptation exercises that can help to build strength to bring the arm back to normal.  

Mental health issues are not that different! Even though mental health may be less visible than a broken arm, a broken soul can hurt just as much, if not more. Unfortunately, a common gut reflex is to ignore the pain in order to push ourselves forward no matter what. This approach can worsen the problem. When an individual experiences poor mental health this too requires the proper ingredients and time to heal.

Talking about your struggle, and seeking support and help won’t make you a weak person but it can help to prevent total burnout and long-term illness. 

In this video, JM talks about his own experience in dealing with mental health issues: 

There is also an array of professional resources out there if you are in pain.




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