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Jean-Martin Fortier invites you behind the scenes of the Masterclass and Growers & Co. (Video)

Performing farm-related tasks is an important part of Jean-Martin Fortier’s daily life. However, he is a passionate person who wears many hats. As a teacher and a mentor, Jean-Martin also spends a lot of time developing educational content for the Market Gardener Masterclass. In this video, we meet Alex, the hidden talent behind all the videos, during an editing session for an upcoming module. 

Jean-Martin then travels to Quebec City, where the offices of Growers & Co. and Hooké are located, for a tour of the facilities. We also go behind the scenes of the creation of Growers magazine which celebrates the work of small-scale farmers around the world. 

Click here if you haven’t seen our most recent vlog Jean-Martin Fortier reflects on the future of agriculture (Video) and for more videos on managing a small-scale farm, we invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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