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Launching Tools of the Trade

tools of the trade

The Market Gardener Institute is proud to launch its new YouTube series Tools of the Trade! In those videos, Jean-Martin Fortier will be exploring, revisiting and reviewing some of the best tools out there for market gardeners.

For the past 20 years, Jean-Martin Fortier and his team have been able to test several tools adapted to organic farming. And each time they conclude that using the right tools can make a huge difference in the success of diversified production on a small-scale farm!

For the first episodes, JM travelled to France to meet Romain Wittrisch, founder of Terrateck. Together they tested three important market gardening tools: the single-wheel hoe, the double-wheel hoe and the wheelbarrows

single-wheel hoe
JM Fortier testing the double-wheel hoe

Single-wheel hoe

The single-wheel hoe is the perfect ergonomic tool for the everyday maintenance of your crops with its multi-purpose range of tools. In this video, we will be looking at 4 different attachments for seedling preparation, hoeing, weeding and ridging work.

Double-wheel hoe

Switching to two wheels improves the weeding process, making it more precise and effective. With the double-wheel hoe, you can pass directly over the row and work as close as possible to the crops.  


Wheelbarrows are offered in different sizes and shapes so you can find the perfect match for your farm needs. Great news: Terrateck just launched the new electrical wheel option! This means all wheelbarrows can be fitted with an electrical wheel to help you move around those heavier crates.

More Tools of the Trade!

Stay tuned for more videos from this new serie! 

In the meantime if you learn more about the must-have tools for small regenerative farms and market gardens and how to use them, join the Market Gardener Masterclass. The Masterclass is a comprehensive online course that teaches all the steps for a successful vegetable production. Our method has been developed based on over 20 years of experience in organic market gardening and is designed to give you consistent results that will ensure the success of your farm. 

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