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What is a Flail Mower and What Can You Do With It?

flail mower bcs

The Blade Runner Flail Mower attachment from BCS is more than just a mowing device—it’s a game changer for farmers looking to efficiently transition between crops and improve soil health. By mowing down crops that have completed their growing cycle and preparing beds for subsequent planting, this tool seamlessly blends the end of one season with the beginning of another.

flail mower

Benefits of the Flail Mower

  1. Quick Bed Preparation: Outfitted with the BCS Blade Runner Flail Mower, you can quickly and easily mow down residues, weeds, or cover crops, leaving your beds pristine and ready for the next planting.
  2. Accelerates the decomposition: Unlike other mowers, the flail mower will cut a long stem into many small pieces. This will make the crop residues decompose much faster. You won’t have any large crop debris clogging up your fine bed prep equipment.
  3. Versatility: The cutting height is adjustable from 1.2 cm to 10 cm (0.5 to 4 inches). It’s providing flexibility based on your needs.
  4. Compatibility: For those who already have a BCS, the flail mower is an indispensable addition. At our farm, the 34-inch mower is a favorite. This model covers our 30-inch permanent raised seed beds perfectly in line with our bio-intensive growing strategy.

How to Use the Flail Mower

The operational nuances of the flail mower are straightforward. Notably, when using this attachment, the handlebars on the BCS are reversed. Meaning you’ll put it into ‘drive’ for reverse, and ‘reverse’ for drive. Once you’ve aligned with your bed, engage the correct gear and walk alongside it. What you’ll see behind you is a perfectly mowed surface.

Check out this video to see how JM Fortier uses the tool to chop cover crops.

Considering Alternatives?

While there are always alternatives to farming tools, it’s essential to weigh efficiency. One such option you might have on hand is a traditional weed-eater. Though it can break down crop residues, expect to invest significantly more time and energy compared to the flail mower.

Need More Info?

If you want the best practices for using market gardening tools in bio-intensive gardening, please join us at the Market Gardener Masterclass. The Masterclass documents all of our tried and true work methods that will guarantee consistent results and optimize your precious time and keep your body working for years to come.  

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