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Why you need (and want!) a garden cart on your farm

Vermont cart in field

If there is one tool that we would give to a farmer starting his own project, it would be a garden cart. More specifically, it would be a large garden cart from the company Carts Vermont. We cannot stress how practical of an item it is. We use this tool constantly on the farm, whether it be when we’re harvesting tomatoes and want to walk them to the cool room, when we’re bringing fertilizers to a new garden bed, or when we’re on a weeding circuit around the farm and need our tools at arms-reach. It is the most multi-purpose tool.

A large garden cart is one of the most multi-purpose tool. / Credit: Alex Chabot

Which model of garden cart we use

We use model 26 from the company Carts Vermont ; it is reliable and well made. The garden cart has two wheels and a bar that you use to pull the cart at the front. At the back of the cart, you can pull the wooden slat open so that you can lift and tilt whatever you were carrying onto the ground. 

Model 26 from the company Carts Vermont
Model 26 from Carts Vermont is reliable and well made. / Credit: Alex Chabot

Why use the garden cart as a market gardener

Just like the people who use it, the garden cart from Carts Vermont is incredibly resilient. We use the cart at the farm tirelessly and without too much care. It requires very little maintenance. With its ergonomic design, you can carry heavy loads with little effort and without straining your back. We’ve moved 300 pounds of tomatoes in the cart; whether it be the strongest or smallest person on your team, you will have no problem moving heavy loads.  If you use the same bio-intensive model as Jean-Martin Fortier, you will notice that the cart can be pulled over your 30-inch (75 cm) bed and have both wheels perfectly aligned within your alleys.    

Are there any reasons not to get a garden cart?

Although we use the garden cart on our farm, it can be noted that it does require additional effort to pull heavy loads on longer distances. You might want to consider other options if your operation is on a larger scale. Additionally, it is on the pricier side of things. You can expect to spend $400 USD ($500 CAD). If you don’t think that price point works, there are certainly alternatives. Many growers build their own carts with a little know-how and few materials. 

If you need more resources to learn the best practices for using market gardening tools efficiently in bio-intensive gardening, please join us at the Market Gardener Masterclass. The Masterclass documents all of our tried and true work methods that will guarantee consistent results and optimize your precious time and keep your body working for years to come. 

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